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Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canals Treatment

Many people worry that a root canal will be painful, something that was true in the past but not anymore! Today, with advanced digital technology and anesthesia - a root canal is a painless and comfortable procedure. A root canal treated tooth can last a lifetime with proper care. Root canals have a high success rate and are undoubtedly less expensive than tooth extraction and replacement with a bridge or implant.

Silver Crest Dental Studio is the only practice with an internationally trained and qualified endodontist. At Silver Crest Dental Studio we focus on providing the best painless root canal treatment experience with technologies such as Microscope, Rotary RCT, Digital treatment planning.

Root canals are necessary when the pulp layer of a tooth becomes infected. The procedure is generally comfortable and saves the natural tooth, prevents the spread of infection, and returns your mouth to it's complete health.

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