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Our Key Services

Enjoy world class precision, artistry and experience

porcelain veneers_edited.jpg

One of the most premium treatments to completely transform your smile overnight! Veneers are the Gold Standard for Smile Makeover procedures. With our team of experts, we at Silver Crest specialize in curating your dream smile

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Professional teeth whitening can dramatically change the appearance of your teeth, in a single sitting, from dull and yellow to bright and white within 45 minutes. An in-office whitening procedure is the safest way to brighten your smile with zero side effects!

Painless Root Canals.jpg

Dental treatment done using naked's a thing of the past!! Get instant pain relief with same day root canals, done under high magnification using Microscopes for 10 times more precise and accurate results. We are equipped to handle the simplest to the most complex of cases with ease.

implants 1.jpg

Our team of highly skilled surgeons specialise in the art of successful implant surgeries, giving excellent results and ensuring your ultimate comfort every time. Say goodbye to those empty spaces in your mouth as we bring to your doorstep the latest advancements in implant placement techniques.


We have an internationally trained team of cosmetic dentists that help you visualize your aesthetic result even before starting the treatment. We at Silver Crest, help you co-design your smile by adopting a patient-centric approach to help getting the results that you desire

crowns and bridges.jpg

Crowns and bridges provide easy, non-surgical fixed solutions to damaged or missing teeth. Our team specializes in creating high quality crowns and bridges to restore healthy beautiful smiles


Now get your perfect smile and correct any gaps, chipped teeth, uneven or cracked teeth using tooth-coloured composite bonding materials. Using our most advanced bonding materials it is impossible to differentiate between natural and repaired teeth. Book an appointment today to get a consult.

laser dentistry (1).jpg

Dental care should be a top priority in everyone’s life. That is why you shouldn’t make a decision about seeking laser dental treatment
unless you first understand what it is and what benefits it offers. To help you get a grasp of the basics, we put together a quick guide to
laser dentistry.

Invisalign Consultation

Invisible braces are a comfortable and discreet solution for fixing teeth and jaw misalignment. Here at Silver Crest Dental Studio, we offer customized aligners for each patient. Invisalign has all the benefits of conventional braces without the inconvenience of wires and metal brackets!

SIlver Crest0328_edited.jpg

We boast of a specially designed Kids Chamber, providing a playroom atmosphere. The children are treated while watching their favourite cartoons, and playing their favourite games by our Paediatric Specialist...ensuring a happy and fun-filled dental experience for your kids.

painless tooth extraction_edited.png

Get your teeth extracted in the most comfortable and relaxed surroundings while watching your fav movies/shows. We guarantee a painless and happy experience every single time. 

fixed dentures_edited_edited.png

Fixed dentures is one of the best solutions to drastically improve oral function. We use implants to help hold the denture permanently in the mouth, instantly giving you a new set of permanent teeth, minus the hassle of removable dentures – An overall better denture wearing experience!


We offer various options to replace missing teeth. Our dentures are designed using the most advanced technologies and the latest materials. Our team of specialists help fabricate your dentures for the best aesthetics and optimum function

gum treatment.jpg

Our elite team of gum specialists perform all types of gum surgeries using only the most advanced laser techniques. At Silver Crest, we welcome you in to the world of bloodless and painless Laser Gum Surgeries, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your visit


Using the most modern equipment here at Silver Crest Dental Studio, we ensure a painless and comfortable orthodontic treatment. Now get your misaligned teeth transformed to a beautiful and confident smile through our most advanced braces treatment, done by the leading specialists in the country

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