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Laser Therapy

Dental care should be a top priority in everyone’s life. That is why you shouldn’t make a decision about seeking laser dental treatment unless you first understand what it is and what benefits it offers. To help you get a grasp of the basics, we put together a quick guide to laser dentistry.

Popular Forms of Laser Dentistry

Over the past 25 years, laser dentistry has become a widespread alternative to many dental treatments that were once only treated with invasive surgery. The following applications are the most common when it comes to laser dentistry in adults.

  1. Removing overgrown soft tissue

  2. Treating or eliminating infections in root canals

  3. Fighting tooth decay

  4. Removing pulp

  5. Performing gingivoplasty

  6. Performing operculectomy

  7. Brightening smiles and whitening teeth

  8. Fighting gum disease


  • Extreme precision

  • Quick healing time

  • No noise or vibration

  • No bleeding 

  • Minimizes swelling​

  • Lower chance of infection

  • Minimal trauma


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